Quick changes to www.stancuprint.org


Good morning I know there are other priorities but still it seems that the weather is not favorable for me. PS I would like you to implement for me eventually if other clients are not interested, for my site www.stancuprint.org at least two options until modified by the whole website construction platform, the Blog section and to be able to modify the URLs, that is ?, I leave you with an example here. For example, I now have a URL on the site named stancuprint.org/print-hartie, but I would like to be able to modify it as follows stancuprint.org/printare-pez-bucuresti. For me as a Photo Lab offering this service to my clients would be a big plus. I'm not saying it's not good and now it's just that I write a lot of content for the blog and I would like to do that quite often. This way it will help me for SEO and to attract more clients. PS please if you could make this exception for me I would be HONORED. The time waited for you to change something seems very much to me, I don't want anyone to upset me but for me it's not really ok so honestly. At least these two implemented sections or even the section to create SUBPAGES can be created after the Blog page. PS thank you and maybe keep in mind why I wrote here in a VERY SERIOUS way. Regards Emil!